EM Sullivan

E.M. Sullivan Associates, Inc. was founded in 1972 as a specialty chemical distributor and sales agent. Technically oriented and focused on marketing our principal’s products, we strive to exceed customer expectations and find synergies between principles and customers. Our primary goal is to offer a unique perspective and expertise in finding innovative solutions for technically challenging issues in manufacturing today.

Over 40 years later, E.M. Sullivan’s next generation of leaders continue to grow this company into a full-service specialty chemical distributor with a North American sales region, with corporate offices outside of Philadelphia. Distribution excellence is accomplished with our multiple warehouse locations. Our state-of- the-art distribution system is capable of safe and accurate warehousing of all material types. We are able to expedite shipping, handle emergency situations and customize distribution to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Helping to develop the next “market leaders” with technological advances is an on-going goal at EM Sullivan. As consolidations continue with all segments of the economy, innovation becomes a secondary concern to the bottom line. We at Sullivan feel that innovation is the bottom line.

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