Afcona - 6530 addresses VOC issues, adjusting viscosity within the can, and enhancing anti-flooding and settlement prevention properties.

Functions: Rheology Modifier

Chemical Family: Polyureas, Polyurethanes (PU)

End Uses: Solventless & High Solids Coating, Waterborne Coating

Labeling Claims: Solvent-free, VOC-free

Technical Data Sheet

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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
CASE Ingredients Features
Product Features

The rheology property of AFCONA-6530 depends on the interaction of dispersed particles in aqueous systems, the rheology property of polyurea would be enhanced through hydrogen bond. This will bring paint a kind of obvious non-Newtonian pseudoplastic fluid to improve the settlement prevention and anti-flooding in thick film coating. It is a solvent-free product, Thus no VOC problems, no adverse effects to gloss of coating film.

The properties and advantages of AFCONA 6530 as below:

  • Adjust in-can viscosity, improve anti- flooding and settlement.
  • Low influence to leveling, or even will improve the leveling while provides anti- settlement and thickening.
  • Recommended to be used in aqueous and solventless systems.

Applications & Uses

Coating End Applications
Product Applications

Afcona 6530 is suitable for kinds of water- based coatings and water-based inks. It is recommended to be incorporated before grinding to increase the viscosity of concentrate, and then improve the efficiency of grinding.

Note: Afcona – 6530 will become slightly hazy and non-uniform when kept at low temperature. This is the characteristic of Afcona 6530. And make sure it has been mixed well before process.

Addition and Dosage

0.2-2.0% on total formulation. It is better to do experiments to make sure of the final addition.


Afcona – 6530 can be incorporated in stage of process. Good dispersion is required when incorporated at painting.


ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Non - Volatile Mattermin. 98%-
Density1.02 - 1.06g/cm³-
Flash Pointmin. 100°C-

Regulatory & Compliance

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Information

25kg and 190kg non-returnable plastic containers

Storage & Handling

Storage Condition

Afcona-6530 should be stored in a cool dry place.