Texipol® 63-510 is an inverse emulsion thickener renowned for imparting a short flow to a wide array of aqueous and non-aqueous compositions, effective across a pH range of 1-14. Supplied as a user-friendly, low viscosity liquid, it offers almost instantaneous thickening upon direct mixing into the composition. Its polymer, already in solution as the sodium salt, eliminates the need for additional additives to promote thickening, such as alkali or surfactant.

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Acrylics, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA)

Physical Form: Liquid

Features: Low Viscosity, Wide pH Compatibility

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Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

CASE Ingredients Features

Applications & Uses

Compatible Polymers & Resins
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Adhesive & Sealant End Applications
Industrial Additives End Use
Product Applications
  • Texipol® 63-510 is effective for thickening aqueous based systems over a wide pH range. Suggested applications include industrial cleaners, detergents, household products, metal cleaners and various textile coating and adhesive formulations. TTexipol® 63-510 may also be used to thicken certain non-aqueous systems such as simple alcohols and glycols as well as aqueous blends with N-methyl pyrollidone and other solvents.A good starting point is to add 4% of Texipol® 63-510, as received, directly to the composition to be thickened and then homogenize the mix thoroughly. If the resultant mix is too thin add more of Texipol® 63-510 and homogenize, and, if it is too viscous, add more of the unthickened composition and homogenize.
  • For most of the applications maximum thickening is achieved within a few minutes but in highly acidic or alkaline formulations maximum thickening might require slightly longer times. Times for optimum thickening can be stabilized by monitoring viscosity development against time.
  • It is not uncommon for Texipol® inverse emulsions to separate over time. This does not in any way indicate that the material is unfit for use. We recommend that Texipol® be stirred prior to use using a low-shear mixing system (e.g. with a paddle or handheld mixer) to ensure that the material is uniform when added to a formulation. Further, for formulations with a low percentage of water and/or where a low level of Texipol® is required, we recommend that water be added to the Texipol® prior to addition to the formulation (roughly 4 - 7% of Texipol® in water). This will prevent the possibility of localized pockets of thickened water in the formulation.


Physical Form
Creamy liquid
Polymer Charge
Polymer Compatibility
Anionic / Non-ionic
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Relative Density (at 25°C)approx. 1.05--
Inverse Emulsion Viscosity*max. 5,000cPs-
Thickened Deionized Water**min. 150,000cPs-
Flow of Thickened CompositionsShort--
Flash Pointmin. 100°C-
Optimal pH Usage Range2 - 12
Typical Thickened Viscosity* min. 100,000mPa.s-
Solids Content45.0%-
Specific Gravity 1.05--
Pigmented System Viscosity (at 0.5% active,1.0 rpm)267,000cPs
Pigmented System Viscosity (at 0.5% active, 100 rpm)6,920cPs

*63-510: 4% in DI water – Brookfi eld RVT, Spindle 6, 5 rpm, at 25C.

** Viscosity measurements taken at room temperature using Brookfield RV viscometer,Spindle #6. Formulation may be obtained upon request.

Technical Details & Test Data

Viscosity Profiles of Water with Texipol® 63-510

[Without pre-shearing at 25°C]

Effect of pH on viscosity

Effect of pH on the Viscosity of the 2% Texipol® 63-510 and Water Solution

2% solutions in water (shear rate, 50 Sec-1

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Packaging Information

Texipol® 63-510 is available in a 441 lb. net weight lacquer-lined open-topped drum and is imported from the United Kingdom.

Storage & Handling

Storage Condition

Texipol® 63-510 should be stored at temperatures between 5 - 30°C / 41 - 86°F. If the product freezes, thaw completely, by placing the container in a warm water bath and homogenize completely before use. Texipol® 63-510 can be stored in glass, stainless steel, plastic or epoxy-lined vessels. Texipol® 63-510 should not be stored in mild steel, copper or aluminum containers.